6 Different Styles of Steel Buildings And Their Properties

Looks like someone has come across a little information about steel buildings and has been crawling the web ever since to fulfill the everlasting thirst of human nature.

It is quite apparent that your curiosity regarding the pre-fabricated steel structures and their tempting advantages over the other conventional options has landed you here.

Well, Future Buildings have indeed revolutionized the perception of people and are continuously setting new standards in the construction industry. While most people think there are very less options available with steel structures, they can’t be more wrong about it. Let’s take a look at the different styles of steel buildings available in the market as of now:

1. ‘T’ Styled Steel Buildings:

The reason I’m mentioning this in the very beginning is because of its odd looks compared to the other steel buildings. The structure is open from one of the sides and has a shape which resembles partially with an arch. The T styled steel buildings are mostly used as livestock shelters or coverage for the vehicles and come in varying sizes as per the requirements.

2. ‘S’ Styled Steel Buildings:

S style steel buildings are rather closed structures having straight side walls and a clear span arch roof. The side wall clearances along with the straight wall panel designs facilitate the storage of your precious belongings and make it ideal for usage as warehouses or other storage purposes.   

3. ‘A’ Styled Steel Buildings:

The A styled steel buildings resemble the most to conventional structures that you come across. With the sides totally straight and the roof slightly peaked, these buildings are considered ideal for being your backyard garage or an all-purpose shelter.

4. ‘X‘ Styled Steel Buildings:

The X styled buildings are almost like the A styled steel buildings with the only difference being the different orientations of the side walls. The walls of the X styled steel buildings are inclined at an angle rather than being straight as the A styled buildings. The main idea behind this structural difference was to provide some extra storage space. The X styled steel buildings are an ideal choice for trade shops and grocery stores or something more sophisticated like mechanical repair shops.

5. ‘Q’ Styled Steel Buildings:

The Q styled steel buildings are the single radius dome shaped structures having a clear-span arch. The buildings are available in various sizes and are widely used for purposes such as halls and arenas for soccer and other games. However, these buildings are also considered to be perfect for storage of crops and livestock as well.

6. ‘R’ Styled Steel Buildings:                                              

The R styled steel buildings are the most different in terms of design as they are totally open structures because of the absence of walls on either sides. These structures are basically used for pool covers and hockey rinks and sometimes as replacement roofs as well.

Steel buildings have made things easier for us in ways you can’t even imagine. Apart from being eco-friendly and strong, they can be designed equally fancy to suit your requirements as well. Now since you know how steel buildings are really an asset you can’t miss on, why haven’t you tried ordering one for yourself already?